Works great to keep my wild toddler inside the house!

Posted on July 3, 2019 by Jack Harding

Works great to keep my wild toddler inside the house. My two year old knows how to unlock the front door and recently he let himself out and made his way to the pond behind our house before we could catch him. We live in South Florida and with the recent tragedy of a boy the same age getting attacked and killed by a gator I had to act fast to prevent this from happening again. We installed this the day it came in and much to my toddler’s disappointment it works perfectly. Mere minutes after we installed it he tried his escape act and, instead of finding him in a precarious situation, we found him in a temper tantrum coping with the fact that he could not go outside alone. We have a glass window next to our front door and about an inch between of wood trim/casing. Our door opens in. I didn’t have a lot of room to work with using other types of locks like this but this was just right. We use the three small screws included to attach it to the casing. My husband had to bend it out a little because it was a tight fit to close the door. The door itself is being worn where it rubs when we close it, but the damage is unnoticeable when the door is closed and it’s a very small price to pay for saving my child’s life. It’s less damage than you would have with any other lock which requires you to screw holes into the visible outside parts of the door and trim. Nothing needs to be screwed into the door which is a huge plus. The latch easily slides in the locking position and to unlock you sort of pull it out and back. It’s easy for an adult to do and you don’t need much strength. We put it high enough that animal can’t reach it, that is until he figures out how to slide a chair over, but I’m hoping by then I will have instilled a healthy fear in cars and alligators.

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