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The Door Guardian Outswinging Lock is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, cost-effective safety solution for your home. Able to secure doors in Family Homes, Apartments, Condos, and Student Residences, The Door Guardian Outswinging Lock is an effective solution for securing and reinforcing out swinging doors.

With the ability to be applied on

  • Front doors
  • Side doors
  • Back doors
  • Garage door entrances 
  • Balcony doors

The Door Guardian Outswinging Lock is an effective tool in providing quick and easy childproofing solutions.

The Door Guardian Outswinging Lock has also been used to provide additional safety measures to parents of special needs children and guardians of adults with Alzheimer’s who may wander.

Sticks on with 3M Tape for child safety; Screws Included for strength and security

  • Installs easily with 3M VHB Tape providing an effective child safety lock. Use Screws for extra strength!
  • Safeguard your family and home
  • Resists Forced entry through exterior doors
  • Secures Outswing Double Doors

Q: Can the lock be used without the safety insert?

A: Yes it can, but now it can be opened by anyone within reach of the lock.

Q: Can I install the lock with 3M VHB tape only?

A: Yes however the screws will give the lock additional strength. All parts mount with preloaded 3M VHB tape.

Q: Can I install multiples of this lock on a door?

A: Yes. By adding additional locks to various locations around the door, it will increase the grip of the door on the frame and make it virtually impossible to get in without destroying the frame.

Q: What if there isn’t room for a keeper? Can I just cut a slot for the swing arm to slot into?

A: For DG01-IN mortise a slot into the wood frame for the keeper or cut a 3/8” by 1 ¾” by ¼” deep slot in the frame to fit the swing arm.

Q: When installing the lock, can you put a shim under the lock or keeper to bring it into alignment?

A: Yes. The shim should be made from a strong stiff material such as plastic sheet, solid hardwood or birch plywood. Make sure the shim is firmly attached to the window or frame with VHB tape or glue. If using screws for the install you may need to use longer ones to allow for sufficient grip in the door.

Q: How do I prepare the surface to apply the 3M VHB tape?


Q: Can the lock be opened from the other side of the door?

A: No. It’s designed to only be accessible from the side it’s mounted on.

Q: Can I install the lock on a metal framed door?

A: Yes, with at least a 1/16” gap between the door and the frame.

Q: Can the Door Guardian be used as a childproofing device?

A: Yes the DG01-IN & the DG01-OUT are effective childproofing devices & the safety insert prevents children from opening the lock without the key.

Q: Can I use the Door Guardian-IN on the hinge side of the door or at the top of the door?

A: Yes, and it can be used to secure double doors that swing inward.

Q: Can I use the DG01-OUT to secure double doors that swing outward?

A: Yes

Q: Do I need to let the 3M VHB tape sit on the door frame for any period of time before putting in the screws? How will cold or heat affect the performance of the 3M VHB tape?

A: At room temperature  90% of bond strength is achieved after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours. This flow is faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures.


The Inswing Lock has been featured in multiple magazines and online features such as; Baby Maternity Magazine, Baby Maternity Retailer, Locksmith Ledger, and even on social media. 

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