The Guardian Refrigerator Lock


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  • Med fridges in clinics & hospitals
  • Church fridges & freezers
  • Autistic kids
  • Wine & liquor Cabinets
  • Boat & RV & Camper cupboards
  • Keeps animals out of low lying cupboards
  • School cafeteria fridges
  • Childproofing fridges and freezers
  • Dieters
  • Easy to Install; No drilling required
  • Peel & Sticks on with 3M VHB(very high bond) tape
  • Keeps seals tight on leaky fridges
  • Removable Key for extra security
  • Keeps special needs kids out of the fridge or freezer & cupboards

Q: Why do I need a guardian appliance lock?

A: The Guardian Refrigerator Lock has multiple purposes but primarily it is designed as a child safety lock to prevent young children from accessing the fridge or other appliances.

It differs from other child safety locks in that it includes a removable button that prevents older children from bypassing the child proof aspect of the lock.

It is also useful for care workers in situations with people suffering from dementia. Another benefit is its ability to hold doors closed in situations such as on boats or RVs. As it can be mounted almost anywhere and has flexibility to its connection it can be used to connect signage or banners for quick removal.

Q: How do you attach the lock?

A: Clean and dry the surface where the lock is to be placed.

Close the door of the appliance and make sure you have easy and direct access to the surface. You may want to pull the fridge out a bit from its normal position for the installation.

Join the two halves of the lock and pull it to its fully extended position. The gap is designed to bridge the rubber door seal on the fridge. The smaller part of the lock mounts on the edge of the door and the larger part with the sliding tab mounts on the body of the fridge.

Practice the approach with the lock trying to place it level and flat against the surface of the fridge in the desired location.
Peel off the protective film that covers the VHB tape and press it very firmly to the desired location.

It helps to place the smaller part to the door edge first and then apply just a little tension as you place the larger slide tab part. This helps keep the door tight when the lock is closed, improving the seal.

It only takes a minute to install the lock.

Q: How do you remove the lock?

A: Removing the tape is done by using a piece of dental floss or fishing line and gently sawing through the tape between the lock and the fridge or appliance. After the plastic lock is free from the fridge, any remaining tape can be peeled off. Replacing the VHB tape will allow the lock to be reused. Be careful to make sure the support foam under the small end of the lock stays in place. This is important to the strength of the lock. Replacement tape is available at most hardware stores. Ask for 3m highest strength VHB tape and cut it to fit the profile of the lock base.

Q: How strong is the lock?

A: One lock is strong enough to prevent a young child from opening the door. If more strength is needed then a second lock on a second part of the door will keep out an adult.

The strength is also related to the surface the lock is mounted to. Be careful not to mount the lock to lightly mounted trim or other low strength surfaces.

Q: Are the other places I can use the lock?

A: As well as fridges and freezers the lock can also be used on many microwave ovens, washers, dryers, ovens, kitchen cabinets and flush mounted doors.

Q: What if I loose the button key?

A: If you loose the button key, you can open the lock by pushing a flat head screwdriver into the slot under where the button would sit. All button keys are interchangeable so a button from another guardian lock will fit.

Q: Can I paint the lock?

A: If you want a specific colour, the lock can be painted with any spray paint designed for adhering to plastics.