Patio Door Guardian

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The Patio Guardian provides peace of mind by being an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, cost effective safety solution to protect from the entering of locked patio doors. With outdoor safety being a top-priority for families with a pool, The Patio Guardian provides an easy childproofing solution to keep loved ones safe. With the three most common means of entering a locked patio door being prying, lifting, and breaking of glass, The Patio Guardian helps protect against those by installing on patio doors with the fixed door on the outside and the sliding door on the inside. This keeps children from wandering outside and getting into the pool when no one is around to supervise. To find out where you can buy one near you, click here

  • Childproofs your patio slider providing peace of mind
  • Resists prying and lifting securing your slider
  • Easy to use; pull down, turn left or turn right to a stop
  • Installs in minutes on wood, vinyl and aluminum patio sliders
  • Left hand and right hand stop ensures patio door guardian will not self engage locking you out of your home
  • Glass nylon filled keeper plate included allows for a 3" ventilation without minimizing security

Q: Will the Patio Door Guardian work on all patio doors?

A: Yes, this lock is designed to work on all inside sliding Patio Doors. It will not work with patio doors that have the sliding door on the outside.

Q: When I mount the Patio Door Guardian how do I determine where to put the screws?

A: You must mount the screws away from the edge of the glass on the sliding door. Do not rely only on the location of the mounting plate provided. Hold the lock up to the desired height and mark your mounting holes away from the glass edge of the door.

Q: Will the Patio Door Guardian secure my patio door?

A: Absolutely! This lock will deter intruders as significant force would have to be used to penetrate the door.