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You walk home to see the garbage ripped open, a door that’s been pushed and snuck through, or a couch that’s been torn to shreds. You look down and see the culprit staring back up at you- your dog. While you can’t stay mad, you want a way to keep this from happening again. The Pet Guardian is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, cost effective way to keep your furry little friends safe. A couch ripped or a garbage bag torn open may seem like the worst mess, but your dog can do a lot of harm to themselves ingesting things that are unsafe. The Pet Guardian provides peace of mind knowing that your furry little friend won’t be able to get into trouble while you’re away, leaving nothing but tail wags and kisses for when you get home.

  • Resists accidental open of door by pet force or maneuvering providing peace of mind
  • Effectively secures exterior doors so your pet can't get outside without you knowing
  • Installs in minutes on wood or metal doors
  • Easy to use spring loaded device

Q: Can I install the Pet Door Guardian on a metal framed door?

A: Yes, the Pet Door Guardian was designed to function on both wood framed and metal framed doors. Metal screws are included for installation on metal framed doorways. A center punch is required for metal door installation.

Q: Do I need to mortise the Pet Door Guardian into the door frame?

A: No, the Pet Door Guardian is designed to be surface mounted. Mortising is required only if the gap between the door and the frame is less than 1/16".

Q: Can the Pet Door Guardian be locked from the outside?

A: No, the Pet Door Guardian is an inside home security device.

Q: Can the Pet Door Guardian accidentally lock itself?

A: No, the spring loaded action will prevent the Pet Door Guardian from locking itself.

Q: What can you do when the gap is too large between the rubber face of the Pet Door Guardian and the inside of the door?

A: The proper gap is somewhere between 1/8” and 1/4”. If it is larger, please contact customer service at 1-800-704-7037. Please ensure that there is a gap in order to prevent binding of the Pet Door Guardian with the back of the door.

Q: Where should the Pet Door Guardian be positioned on the door for maximum protection?

A: One should install 2 Pet Door Guardians on the same side as your door knob across from each of the hinges.

Q: Can the Pet Door Guardian be used as a childproofing device?

A: Of course! The Pet Door Guardian is an extremely effective childproofing device. The Pet Door Guardian should be placed high enough on the door so that young children cannot access it. Best applications include cellar doors, backdoors, and swimming pools especially.

Q: Can the Pet Door Guardian be used on double doors?

A: Yes, this installation requires 2 Pet Door Guardians. One is positioned at the top of the fixed door and the other Pet Door Guardian is mounted on the fixed door between the fixed and operating door.