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Stash Lock Installation

Double Door Installation

Keep your stash safe with the Stash Lock from Door Guardian. Easily installs and secures Bifold, Cabinet and Cupboard doors - keeping your stash safe and secure! Great for childproofing and babyproofing cabinets containing cleaning products, chemicals and other hazardous/dangerous materials.

This stash lock is a great way to protect your family and your valuable items locked. You can use this lock in a limitless way and use it for:

  • Cabinets with chemical and other hazardous materials and products
  • Filing cabinets 
  • Wine coolers 
  • Larger doors and double doors
  • And much more!  
  • Resists forced entry providing peace of mind
  • Effectively childproofs interior doors and cupboards
  • Installs in minutes on wood or metal doors
  • Easy to use spring loaded device
  • Elegant finishes will match most home decors

The Stash Lock has been featured in multiple magazines and online features such as; Autism Parenting Magazine, Baby Maternity Magazine, Baby Maternity Retailer, Locksmith Ledger, and even on social media. 

View how Megan Wilson uses her Stash Lock on Instagram here!