5 Dogs Who Don't Know Where This Mess Came From

5 Dogs Who Don't Know Where This Mess Came From

Posted on February 27, 2017 by TheDoorGuardian

You’ve gone out to work for the day. You say goodbye to your furry little friend and think “What a good boy!” Fast forward a few hours- you walk in the door and you see ripped tissue everywhere, or worse, ¬†garbage can tipped over or a couch ripped into and go “Oh…..”. While it’s too late to prevent it (with the new Pet Guardian for example) there is a chance to have a quick laugh when you look at your dog and they stare back with a look of “I didn’t do it!” These dogs all are thinking the same thing:

1. Isn’t it weird how everything is like this?



2. Welcome home mom!

dog chewing toilet paper


3. Umm… We don’t know what happened here

Dogs ripped couch


4. Mom it literally exploded! I was so scared.

Dog ripped pillow


5. Oh. Funny that you’re home early.

Dog ripping toilet paper


Just like kids, canine companions will select favorite toys. Whether your dog has a toy he sleeps with, or a squeeky toy they rips to shreds, be sure to provide a variety of toys to play with and enjoy. In addition to a favorite toy, keep your dogs from getting into rooms they shouldn’t by using a dog-proof lock like the Pet Guardian which will help keep happy accidents from happening again.

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