How to Prevent Wandering for Parents with Dementia

Posted on September 9, 2015 by TheDoorGuardian

For any family suffering from a loved one having dementia, it can be quite challenging to ensure they are always safe and out of harms way. Even the best caregivers can see mistakes happen, and we wanted to share some tips and tricks to help lower the chances of wandering and keep the family safe:

  • Set a routine.
    • (Setting a routine helps provide needed structure and makes it easier to find loved ones if they wander).
  • ┬áDetermine times wandering may occur based on patterns, and try to plan events and activities during those times to reduce any restlessness, agitation or anxiety that may be happening
  • Ensure basic needs are being met (asking if they’re hungry, tired, or need to go to the bathroom can go miles when reducing risk of wandering).
  • Avoid places that could cause disorientation or confusion
  • Try and cover up doorknobs and doors, or install childproof knobs
  • Install security sensors to alert you when a window or door is opened
  • Install safety locks on doors and windows to provide peace of mind

Most of all, supervision and communication can be a great help when trying to reduce the risk of wandering, and will help provide peace of mind and safety.


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