Why You Should Safety Proof Your Doors and Windows This Winter

Posted on November 3, 2015 by Jack Harding

With colder weather approaching it is important to look to safety proofing your windows and doors.
Much like in warmer weather when children are looking to go outside to play in the pool, go to the park, and run around in the yard, there are risks with colder weather when a child may want to go play in the snow.

Every year we read countless stories of children who freeze because they open the door or window and want to play outside. Often your little ones don’t know how to get appropriately dressed for the cold weather, and although they may have been able to get the door open to get outside, once they get cold or scared it becomes much more difficult for them to get back inside.

Our patented Door Guardian and 3M Stick on Safety Lock are inexpensive and easy-to-install solutions to this problem, and can provide you and your family with the peace of mind as the colder weather approaches. Keep fun time outside in the cold for when you’re around, and feel safe knowing that your children can’t accidentally get outside.

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