Home Safety Tips for Autumn

Posted on September 28, 2015 by TheDoorGuardian

It’s official- it’s Autumn!
The kids are back to school, and the cooler weather has finally arrived, and it’s time to get ready for winter. Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your home and make sure that it is not only ready for the cooler weather, but is the safest it can be. Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring your home is safe and ready for the Autumn weather.


  • With the temperature beginning to drop, it’s only natural you’ll beging plugging more in- that’s why it is important to test all smoke alarms and have a family fire drill. Ensure your family knows how to get out of the house in case of emergency and that all smoke detectors have new batteries and all fire extinguishers aren’t expired.
  • Test out your heaters. Making sure they work before it gets cold is key- there’s nothing worse than finding out you have no heat when you and your family need it most. Find a local technician if you need repairs or feel it’s not working the way it should.
  • Make sure there is nothing flammable near the furnace. Remove any clothing, paints, boxes, and any other materials that could ignite.
  • Teach your kids fire safety and how to use heaters- let them know you can’t leave your clothing or toys on/near them, and that they can not remain unattended.
  • Keep your lighters, matches, and candles out of reach and out of harms way.
  • Look for repairs before the harsher weather arrives: look for roof repair needs, warping in windowsills or cracks in concrete that could be worsened by the colder weather.
  • Last, but not least, make sure your locks are working, and that your little ones can not venture out into the cold once the weather starts to drop. Install a Patio Guardian to keep your covered pools out of reach and make sure your front and back doors have Door Guardian installed to keep your little ones from getting outside and in harms way.

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