Works great and just what we needed!

Posted on July 3, 2019 by Jack Harding

I was looking for something that I could install higher on our front door that was easy for an adult to operate but out of reach of our kids.

My son scared us to death a week ago when he unlocked and opened the front door (we didn’t think he could figure it out) and ran out of the house after me. Luckily we live on a dead end-ish quiet street. I was looking at the standard chain security locks or the ones you see on hotel room doors, but then I came across this. (see: The Door Guardian Lock)

It sounded pretty genius, so I purchased and thankfully it worked out great. As you’ll see in the pic, we used it a little differently than advertised. We have a double door at our front entrance, the left being inactive (flush bolts at top and bottom). There was just enough clearance between the doors that I was able to install on the left door without having to mortise. This cut my installation time down to about 3 minutes. I just drilled a pilot hole in the middle and tightens the middle screw enough to make sure the lock was in the right spot (the middle screw hole is wide so you can adjust how far the lock needs to protrude to clear any moulding or casing), then drilled the other two holes and put those screws in. Done. Works great and just what we needed. The white thing you see below the Guardian lock is a door chime/alarm we out on to warn us if the kids do get the door open. We’re paranoid now. 🙂


(5 Star Review)

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