Why You Should Safety Proof Your Cabinets

Why You Should Safety Proof Your Cabinets

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Jack Harding

Cabinets, drawers, and storage solutions make life at home a lot easier. They allow you to keep things you don’t want shown out of sight, and keep things like cleaners, wires, and supplies tucked away. They’re not a place of excitement or intrigue for you, but for your child, they’re a world of wonder. The possibilities of what could be inside make wandering minds go wild, and make them want to explore.

Why is this a concern? Well, cabinets can pose a number of hazards to your children such as:

  • Hiding dangerous objects such as knives or poisonous substance
  • Cabinet doors can slam shut on fingers, causing injury
  • Everything inside could be thrown across the room when your child thinks it is “fun”

So what should you do? Well, simply speaking, safety proofing goes a long way to avoiding hazards that can be easily avoided. Some easy ways to do this are:

  • Move hazardous materials to cabinets that are out of reach or to the back where children can’t reach the items
  • Use gates to keep areas with hazardous materials out of reach to children
  • Install safety locks (such as our Stick on Safety Lock, or our Cabinet Locks) to provide the ultimate peace of mind (links to locks, as well as image of cabinets with the locks on them below)

Whatever methods you choose ,always remember that safety proofing is not a substitute for supervision, so always keep an eye on your little ones.

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